Fat – Who needs it?

Above image by Lightspring/Shutterstock.com The benefits of dietary fat. Getting the right nutrition was an important part of my journey to optimum health and fitness. However, I was always concerned about the dangers of fat, particularly saturated fats in the diet. It was a message constantly reinforced by the media so I tended to avoid…


Focusing on focus.

Above image by DaGaAl/Shutterstock.com In my last article I investigated the link between contentment and exercise. This highlighted the importance of focus. After all, if our efforts lack concentration, then this in turn affects how successful the outcome can be. When our world is full of errands, commitments, distractions and time constraints, many of us…


Healthy Eating – Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion about healthy eating by allowing me to introduce another critical component of our diet – fiber.  As I talked about in the previous article, this is arguably the best time of year to start eating better.  Local fruits and vegetables are in season, and farmers markets are filled with growers, chefs…


Healthy Eating – Part 1

It’s almost officially summer and I’ve finally come out of hibernation, ready to write about nutrition and fitness again.  This is my favorite time of year and I become more motivated during these months to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  I typically maintain the same high level of fitness throughout the year, but during the spring…


Exercise and Type 2 Diabetes

My name is Lisa Lenertz and I am both a scientist and exercise enthusiast.  Kevin and I share the same desire to expose others to the value of exercise and good nutrition in hopes that people will lead longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.  Kevin achieves this through personal training and I am a biology…


Help you succeed!

The following information is for you to reference, or download.  Please let us know if this information is helpful to you, because when you succeed – we succeed!  Thank you!  How to Choose a Personal Trainer This Fit Facts article from The American Council on Exercise discusses the importance of choosing a personal trainer that…