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Lifeline USA Power Push-Up Plus review, and free giveaway.

The push-up is a staple in many workout routines and perhaps one of the best forms of body-weight exercises. It targets the arms, back, chest and abdominal muscles. However there isn’t an efficient or an easy way of making push-ups progressively more challenging. I tried doing different forms of push-ups such as wide grip, close grip, clapping between individual push-ups, as well as trying to increase the amount that I did – this eventually started to feel more like an endurance workout, rather than muscle building (which was my primary goal).

I knew the Lifeline USA product line often seemed to find ways to enhance core exercises. Their Chest Expander was an improvement of the steel version; their Power Wheel was an improvement of the standard ab wheel and they produced portable handles called the Power-Up Chin-Up so that you could do pull-ups without the need of a pull-up bar.

I was delighted to discover that Lifeline USA had invented an easy and efficient method of adding a form of progressive overload to push-ups called the Power Push-Up Plus. This ingenious design consisted of a soft yet hard-wearing back pad which could be adjusted up to 24 levels, and an attachment for each hand that incorporated one of their popular rubber resistance on each side. When doing a push-up, I was no longer only pushing against my own weight, now there was the additional challenge of up to 80lbs of changeable rubber resistance. I found that even the smallest rated band added a great test of strength and stamina, and in the unlikely event that this ever became too easy, you could exchange them for a thicker band in a matter of seconds.

Another benefit of this tool was that it allowed for additional routines such as bent over rows, chest pulls, or perhaps a boxer or martial artist could easily use this to increase their punching strength (shadow boxing). The Power Push-Up Plus had transformed the standard push-up into a dynamic one.

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