Monroe Real Training personal trainer offers in-home fitness training serving in and around the Madison, Wisconsin area.

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We sell the next generation in functional fitness products. Beginners to elite level athletes can utilize these products to strengthen their core, increase strength, assist with weight loss. Also to improve flexibility, conditioning, and balance.

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We train clients in their home or office. Also by appointment at 462 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578. More information go to:

View all the functional fitness equipment we train with and sell, in the Lifeline Fitness Catalog. Feel free to contact us, before making a purchase.

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The Power Of Enzymes.

Above image by wavebreakmedia/ What are digestive enzymes? Good digestion is key to health and well-being. I’d never considered if there was a way to enhance, improve or support my digestive system until I decided to add ultra fine oats to my diet – I had introduced consuming 100 grams of oats several times a…

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Fat – Who needs it?

Above image by Lightspring/ The benefits of dietary fat. Getting the right nutrition was an important part of my journey to optimum health and fitness. However, I was always concerned about the dangers of fat, particularly saturated fats in the diet. It was a message constantly reinforced by the media so I tended to avoid…

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Vitamin C

Are you getting enough vitamin C?

Above image by Alena Brozova/ What can vitamin C do for the body? I discovered the importance of vitamin C (also known as “Ascorbic Acid,”) after I began supplementing with Iodine, and this came from my struggle to get enough from my diet, despite trying to eat several portions of fruit and vegetables every day.…

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