Monroe Real Training personal trainer offers in-home fitness training serving in and around the Madison, Wisconsin area.

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We sell the next generation in functional fitness products. Beginners to elite level athletes can utilize these products to strengthen their core, increase strength, assist with weight loss. Also to improve flexibility, conditioning, and balance.

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We train clients in their home or office. Also by appointment at 462 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578. More information go to:

View all the functional fitness equipment we train with and sell, in the Lifeline Fitness Catalog. Feel free to contact us, before making a purchase.

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The pain of weight gain…

Above image by tatianasun/ On my journey towards improving my health, fitness, and strength, one of my greatest challenges was how to gain healthy weight. At 5ft 7inches, I was unsatisfied with my weight as I had been under 132lbs (60kg) for as long as I could remember. I knew I would feel and look…

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Focusing on focus.

Above image by DaGaAl/ In my last article I investigated the link between contentment and exercise. This highlighted the importance of focus. After all, if our efforts lack concentration, then this in turn affects how successful the outcome can be. When our world is full of errands, commitments, distractions and time constraints, many of us…

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Exercising to find contentment.

Above Image by vectorgirl/ After I experienced a minor wrist injury during a workout and was unable to exercise for several months, it helped me recognize how much it impacted the contentment I had in my life. The capacity to exercise and having the foundational health and strength to do so was not something I’d…

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Power Wheel

Lifeline USA Power Wheel Review

Strengthening my abdominal muscles had always been a particular challenge for me. Doing endless sit-ups only resulted in lower back problems so it lead me to look for an alternative solution. After searching on different websites I discovered a device called the Ab wheel. This was a wheel of  approximately 12cm in diameter with a…

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