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The foundation of motivation

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Early on in my quest to find the answers to good health, I had little motivation. I transformed my eating habits after a diabetes scare. Although I exercised, it was intermittent and without consistency. I now realise that my poor diet had left me devoid of strength. Motivation is the arm that holds the umbrella of health, and like all, requires fuel. I came to realize that it was a combination of attitude, diet, mindset, environment and understanding. If your intake of food is lacking in nutrition then your body shall lack the fuel required to do all that it needs to do, and so too shall your mind lack what it needs to remain alert. After all, without the fuel to think, how can one understand the importance of thinking? How could one be motivated if they felt sluggish or impaired? Only after I began eating a better diet was I able to increase my energy levels and in turn I noticed that my general mood also improved.

Motivation is much like an invisible hand that pushes us through self doubt. It’s the power that helps us to rise from our knees and to stand after we’ve fallen. Discipline is but one link in the chain, without fuel, environment and understanding, all shall be impaired. If there should be a time when you do not feel motivated, ask yourself some of these questions. What type of fuel have I given my body? What type of environment am I in? What company am I keeping? What mindset have I cultivated (is it positive)?

Another aspect is our dialogue. If we are to be able to fulfill our potential then we must be mindful of the words we use, for there is much power in what we say. If words that leave our lips consistently tell us the things that we can’t do or won’t do, then we are less likely to be able to do to those things. This was evidenced by someone I know who took part in a team building experiment. They were challenged to break through a block of wood with their bare hands. One group was told they wouldn’t be able to do it, and the other was informed they would be successful. What do you think the outcome was? The next time you think you can’t do something, consider the words you use on a daily basis…for words that diminish our power serves no purpose.

In achieving your goal, seeing motivation as a puzzle made up of many parts will allow you to build a foundation that will endure.

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