Our Mission

To improve health and fitness of our clients, for a better quality of life, through personal fitness training.
Leading by example is what separates us from others.

Connie and Kevin Monroe

Connie and Kevin Monroe
Photo by: Emily Katz

Kevin and Connie Monroe, owners of Monroe Real Training (MRT), LLC have been providing a quality and educational, in-home, online, and by phone – personal fitness training experience since 1998.  MRT serves the following areas for in-home personal training: Madison, Middleton, Waunakee, and Sauk City, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

They both love working with athletes, older adults, and people with special needs. Kevin and Connie, used to also compete as natural bodybuilders. So, they understand the commitment it takes for everyone to reach their best. When they’re not helping others, they are trying to work out with each other, maintaining a high-level of fitness (having fun)!

Monroe’s personal fitness training experience includes working with older active adults, general fitness (weight loss and gain), high school athletes, endurance athletes, bodybuilders, and people under going post rehabilitation.

  • Older Active Adults
  • Balance & Flexibility Training
  • Weight Management
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Post Rehabilitation