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Exercising to find contentment.

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After I experienced a minor wrist injury during a workout and was unable to exercise for several months, it helped me recognize how much it impacted the contentment I had in my life.

The capacity to exercise and having the foundational health and strength to do so was not something I’d given gratitude for on a daily basis.

I see contentment as the ability to embrace a real view of both the good, bad, and the indifferent aspects of every day life, and still be able to have a balanced appreciation of all of these.

For example the pressures of work and dealing with everyday challenges can be draining and tiring, leaving very little energy for exercise. Pushing through this and still being able to workout left me feeling calmer in my mind, and body as well as promoting positive self regard such as, motivation, dedication, discipline and drive giving me a feeling of contentment.

By doing exercise and increasing my strength I found I could move furniture or carry heavy items with ease, which was also part of my everyday job role. However, when I was unable to do this after I injured my wrist, only then did I realize how much this affected the level of contentment in my life, and how much I’d taken it for granted.

What this has taught me is that by having gratitude for all that we are able to do, whether that is taking each breath, or making a simple movement, builds a stronger foundation for our contentment.


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