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Lifeline USA adjustable Triple Grip Handles Review

In this article I will be reviewing 3 Lifeline USA adjustable triple grip handles.


1) Hard triple grip handles.

2) Soft triple grip handles (Chest Expander).

3) Max flex triple grip handles.

I discovered the hard handles when I was looking for a cost effective home gym solution. I wanted something portable, versatile and easy to use.

Lifeline USA Adjustable Triple Grip Handles

I started to use the hard triple grip handles to increase my flexibility and upper body / back strength and stability. I did the following routines for 2-3 sets and 8-12 repetitions per set, 2-3 times per week. I paid attention to my breathing and posture. I inhaled just before the beginning of an exercise and then slowly exhaled upon exertion.

1) Band pull a-parts (also known as back pulls) – I held the handles at shoulder width in front of my body and slowly pulled them apart in a controlled manner until my arms were horizontal.

2) Overhead pulls – I held the handles above and slightly behind my head with my elbows bent. I formed each arm in an L shape and I pulled the handles apart until my arms were almost straight (I kept a slight bend in my elbows).

3) One hand over head press – I held a handle in each hand behind my back and I kept one handle behind my buttocks, and took the other handle upwards towards the shoulder blade with my elbow pointing outwards. I then out stretched my arm in an upwards motion so that it was pointing to the ceiling. I kept the resistance bands / handles diagonal.

4) Bicep curls – I kept my foot firmly inside of one handle and the other handle parallel to my knee / thigh. I pulled upwards towards my chest with my fist facing my body.

5) Squats – I did these after discovering that I could buy longer Lifeline USA resistance bands known as TNT cables (60 inches (152.3cm / 5ft) in length. I used these with the same handles.

TNT Cable System

I placed the handles in front of my body (on the floor) and stood on the center of the bands with feet shoulder width apart while squatting. Whilst holding each handle at the side of my body I returned to a standing position.

Each triple grip handle comes with 3 resistance bands if you purchase the set, or you can buy everything separately and customize them to suit your exact needs. There are 9 bands in total and their color corresponds to the resistance level. Resistance can be from 10 lbs to 270lbs (3 blue bands).

I only focused on using the teal R1 (10lbs), purple R2 (20lbs) and the red R6 (60lbs). The bands you use will depend on your goals and current fitness level. I used the lighter teal ones to do warm-ups and later combined those with heavier resistance for the band pull a-parts. For example, a red band combined with 2 teal ones.

The bands are very easy to change but the higher the resistance, the more physically demanding it can be to attach and / or remove because you need to pull and stretch them before they will release (this can feel like a workout in itself!).

To add variety to my existing routine, I purchased the Lifeline USA Chest Expander that had the soft triple grip handles.

Chest Expander

I compared the same exercises when using the soft handles instead. When I did the band pull-aparts I preferred the hard handles, because they provided more feedback and the grip rotated to accommodate my range of motion. However, the soft grips felt less secure and placed a little more pressure on my thumb. They also did not rotate to adapt to my range of motion.

However when I used the soft handles to do the overhead pulls, they adapted well to the entire breadth of the motion.

The rotation of the hard handles adapted well to the technique of the bicep curls.

When I did the squats routine, the hard handles felt more secure and dealt better with the increased resistance I used to challenge the stronger leg muscles.

I swapped between handles depending on the routine I was doing. I tended to use the hard handles for squats and routines in front of the body, and the soft handles for the ones behind the head and / or neck. Although swapping between handles was a minor inconvenience, I was still looking for a more streamlined solution.


I was browsing the Monroe Real Training website and discovered a new Max Flex handle.

Max Flex Handle 3

After the first use I noticed that it had the stability and adaptive rotating grip of the hard handles combined with a rubber grip that provided cushioning. They had the flexibility and comfort of the soft handles but without the pressure being placed on the thumb.

Using the Max Flex meant I no longer needed to swap between different handles. However, I still recommend you explore all options to discover what suits you best.

I have certainly found Lifeline USA Adjustable Triple Grip Handles to be a valuable addition to my fitness toolbox.

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