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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Exercise

What is the one thing that never sits still?  I wish the answer were people, but unfortunately it’s not…it is TIME!  It would be nice if time did not move at times, but it always does.  Have you ever heard someone say, “When I get more time, I will start exercising”?  Maybe if people could purchase more time so they could have 25 or 26 hours in a day, they would be able to find time for exercise.

Time is similar to our beating hearts.  From the day we are born to the day we pass away our hearts are beating.  The sound even has a similar rhythm to a clock, which is tick, tock, tick, tock, or until the battery dies.  Our heartbeats’ sound is lub, dub, lub, dub, and so on.

Heart disease in the #1 killer in the United States!  So, unless we do something to prevent this, our hearts will stop, much like the clock that stops from a worn out battery.  Something that is so easy to obtain, and can be done without any money, is making time to exercise.  Why do some people put off making time for exercise?  Why do some people take medications for their heart, or blood pressure, if they’re able to exercise and they choose not to exercise?  My guess is that if people decide not to exercise, it is because they don’t know how good it feels!  When people exercise, they have more energy, because they are taking highly oxygenated blood to their living tissues.  If our tissues do not have a continual circulation of fresh oxygen – our bodies feel like a “fish out of water.” When we workout we breathe easier, have more energy, and our hearts become stronger.  Can this happen by taking a pill?  No!  Will this happen if we take something to suppress our appetite?  No!  When we have more energy throughout the day, and our bodies are operating more efficiently we also sleep better at night.  If you sleep better at night, you will feel more alert for the following day, have better focus, and think clearer.  Not to mention – if you’re more rested you will have better discipline when making food choices.  Hence, becoming overweight and sluggish is why many people choose not to exercise in the first place.

When it comes to our bodies, we want our hearts to be similar to our vehicles, which are “big engines in little trucks, not “little engines in big trucks!”  People have even been able to wake up early for work or school, and go all day long without yawning.  This is an amazing feeling!

So, if you’re still wondering if now is the perfect time to exercise look around at your friends, family, and your lives.  Find the right resources, motivation, and start exercising today, because time will keep moving either way, but your heart may not.

If you’re wondering how much to do, or where to start when it comes to exercise, go by the 10% rule – never increase your activity level more than 10% (you can also contact Monroe Real Training).  Lastly, before starting a new fitness program – please consult your physician or health care provider.

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