What is life without health?
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What is life without health? – Part 1

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When I began my journey of sugar addiction, fatigue and ignorance, I had little understanding of the other side to health and fitness.  My diet consisted of a sugary cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a reasonable dinner, however in between meals I snacked on several chocolate bars, boiled sweets, biscuits, cakes and fizzy drinks.  Now at the age of 37, I’ve finally reached my optimum health.  In this article I will be sharing my fitness philosophy to help others on their journey of self-improvement.

Whenever I did a workout, my only focus was on getting a broader chest and bigger muscles.  I was not interested in what food I was consuming or how this impacted on my overall health.  Perhaps on every journey the first step is the yearning for change.

Each of us have a different path, unique intersections and roads.  I learned of the importance of the mind, body and soul which led me to better health.  When I now work out, I see it as a way to honor what we have been blessed with.  Perhaps the body is a temple, so whenever we exercise we provide the building blocks to reinforce its structure. Each time we eat and drink, we feed the garden of life within that shrine, but when we have a disconnection, we allow weeds to grow which does little to reinforce the foundations.

Much like a tree without roots, the body without health resembles a dried out or dying leaf. Whenever you pick up a dumbbell, pull on a resistance band or commit to any exercise, you aren’t just drawing on the physical, you are creating the building blocks of a future.  What of those days where you feel like staying on the couch?  What of those days when you feel like remaining in bed?  Everyone has those thoughts but remember we must make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.

Let us lift weights even when our shoulders are bearing the strain of life or loss.  Let us place one foot in front of the other, even when we feel like retreating, for the future shall never wait and time cares not about emotion.

Do you remember how you felt after you’d pushed yourself through a threshold of physical endurance?  Your mind was heightened.  You were alive.  Your body was drenched in the sweat of your sacrifice and the stench of your clothing signaled the uphill battle that you had just completed.  The striving to reach the top of the mountain, yet when you reached it, you envisaged climbing even higher, and setting yourself a newer challenge!

What are mountains without the ability to climb them?

Health is like the root of the tree, it has the potential to grow and flourish into something amazing, but it must be nourished. The food we intake is the water for those seeds.  So we must be mindful of what we feed the seeds, so too should we be mindful of what is in the soil.  If the roots should rot and the bark should fall away and crumble then the tree cannot reach its full potential.  The next time you eat something, ask yourself whether it will deplete or provide you with the nourishment your body truly needs.

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