Terms of Service

We look forward to working with you, your business, and/or organization. Please print, and fill out the three forms located under our “Getting Started” page of our website before we proceed. These forms are the Exercise History, Health History, and Health & Fitness Liability Waiver / Informed Consent. Consult your physician before embarking on a new fitness regimen.

Do you have any other policies I should know about?

Personal Fitness Training (Answer): Yes, please be prepared to workout on time and without any interruptions (unless it is an emergency) during the training session. Also, please call 24-hours in advance if you need to re-schedule or you will be charged for the session. All other questions, please visit our Privacy Policy, FAQs, give us a call, or send us an e-mail.

Functional Fitness Equipment (Answer): Please refer to our Privacy Policy, give us a call, or send us an e-mail. For warranty, returns & replacements – please see below.

Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to not hold Monroe Real Training, LLC and any of its contracted employees, or partnerships responsible for anything that may happen to you. Any information you take and implement is done so at your own risk.

However, we will do our best to provide you with the most up-to-date information, and trends within the fitness industry to help you achieve the safest, and healthiest results. Monroe Real Training is also proud to have been chosen to represent LifelineUSA functional fitness equipment!

Please enjoy our site, and feel free to provide us with feedback at anytime!

Warranty, Terms and Conditions:

Monroe Real Training sells LiflelineUSA products, which come with a Standard 90-Day Return Policy, and a Lifetime Warranty on product defects and flaws. See Returns and Replacements for details.

This website price list constitutes an offer to sell. Prices are subject to change without notice. Monroe Real Training reserves the right to change or improve the design of any product at any time without notice.  Most LifelineUSA products contain 100% natural latex rubber.

Returns & Replacements:

Contact Monroe Real Training at: 1-608-235-8258 or by Email to execute a return.

LifelineUSA products must be in “like new” condition and have been purchased from Monroe Real Training within the last 90 days.

Products not purchased directly from Monroe Real Training may not be returned to Monroe Real Training. Contact the distributor they were purchased from to execute a return or exchange.

Product Defects & Flaws:

LifelineUSA offers a Lifetime Warranty on Lifeline product defects or flaws.

Normal wear and tear are not covered after 90 days.

Product damage due to misuse is not covered and may be dangerous. Always follow product instructions.

If you have a product defect, flaw or failure:

Contact LifelineUSA’s customer service at 800-553-6633 (1 + 608 + 288 9252 International)