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Lifeline USA Power Up Chin Up review, and free giveaway.

On my journey to optimum health and fitness, I needed to include the strengthening and development of my back muscles. I knew that ‘pull ups’ are one of the most popular methods of achieving this. So I purchased a pull-up bar and fixed this to the inside of my bedroom door and began the arduous task of improving my back muscles. However, when I was away from home and wanted to continue my regime, I was limited to finding a local gym or using the pull-up bars in the park. I wanted more flexibility and choice and I didn’t want to be forced to carry around bulky equipment, or be restricted to training at a certain time of day. I was starting to think about how I could do pull-ups or chin-ups with greater autonomy.

I discovered that Lifeline USA had already thought about this, and as I expected, were already steps ahead. They had designed the Lifeline USA Power Up Chin Up – an efficient, and sturdy set of portable handles allowing a person to train their back as long as they had access to a sturdy 3-hinge door. Suddenly a new world of portable back training was now available to me! This meant I could take the handles with me on my travels and place them over an appropriate door and have a tough workout at my own leisure and convenience. I’d recommend checking that the door you use is structurally safe, in addition to having 3 hinges for security.

The chin up handles comprises of a soft pad to prevent your hands or wrists from discomfort against the door, and a plastic handle attached to some tough nylon. The foam-covered handles hang over the ‘other’ side of the door, and the harder handles with the soft padding is available for the person to pull themselves up with (see below image).

Lifeline USA Power Up Chin Up

This exercise targeted the arms, chest, back and shoulders. The chin up handles are so easy to use, anybody could learn how to use them. I also found that these handles prevented me from using my own momentum to pull myself up, so encouraged better form and range of motion. I’m guessing I am not the only one who has used momentum to complete the last few pull-ups, or chin ups due to feeling too fatigued to complete the full range of motion!

I would say the only drawback to using the chin up handles is needing access to a sturdy 3-hinge door because this is not always possible. Some people may also prefer using a much wider grip or desire the freedom of movement unrestricted by a door as well.

However, the portability of these handles are its main advantage, and the ability to train whenever and wherever I wanted gave me the flexibility I desired which allowed me to maintain my fitness and enhance my back muscles.

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