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Walking is a great low-impact exercise for all ages. But we think you should get more out of your walks.The Power Walk Pro™ Pro burns calories and develops strength by providing multi-directional resistance.

What does that mean?
Well, you’ll burn up to 3X as many calories on the same walk while also shaping and toning your body. Plus, you’ll improve your balance, coordination, muscle endurance, bone density and general wellness.

By engaging your upper body, your arms, back, shoulders and core muscles get switched on and start burning calories. It’s the opposite of a hybrid car…you want to burn more fuel for less miles!

Slip the durable elastic foot cuffs over your feet, grab the handles and walk as you normally do! You’ll feel the difference within 5 minutes, get yours today!

Kevin Monroe

Kevin Monroe

Owner & Personal Trainer at Monroe Real Training
Kevin’s previous experience includes being a former U.S. Marine, a high school health teacher at Monona Grove, WI, manager of a health club in Waunakee, Wisconsin, and a nutrition and prevention specialist for Sauk County, Wisconsin.

Kevin Monroe is currently a full-time personal trainer for Monroe Real Training LLC, which also includes selling LifelineUSA and Modern Movement functional fitness equipment to people for their homes, schools, businesses, hotels, or health clubs. Kevin is also a guest speaker for the Kinesiology 119 class at UW-Madison Wisconsin each semester.

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Kevin Monroe

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