Power Push-up Plus




More effective than using a benchpress.
If you think push-ups are effective, wait until you try them with the added intesity of the Lifeline Power Push-up Plus. It offers up to 60 lbs. of resistance. In addition to push-ups and resisted punches, it can also be used to add intensity to lunges, squats, body rows and more!

Sculpt – Arms, chest, back and core with dynamic power push-ups.
Improve – Speed, power and technique of your punches.
Open up – Your chest and shoulders to improve range of motion.

Want a more challenging workout? Simply adjust the strap length or change the cables to add more resistance instantly!

• Two premium push-up handles
• Two R3 18” Resistance Cables ( up to 60 lbs. peak resistance)
• Comfortable, fully adjustable strap complete with numbered markings
• Instructional Workout DVD featuring fitness expert and trainer Joh Hinds, CSCS, CPT

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