Lifeline PRO Resistance Trainer Kit


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This PRO resistance cable kit pro comes with 6 resistance cables – one 10-lbs. cable, one 20-lbs. cable, one 30-lbs. cable, one 40-lbs. cable, one 50-lbs. cable and one 60-lbs. cable for creating a variety of total resistance levels that can be used. Also, a pair of ergonomically designed triple grip handles is included, which allows you to connect up to three different plugged cables at once. As a result, you can use one, two or three of the cables at the same time, dramatically changing the resistance level for each exercise. The kit comes with the Orbiter XT door mount, which is the ideal mounting system for Lifeline interchangeable cables.  It wraps around nearly any fixed point to anchor your cables. Although ideally suited for door mounting, the orbiter XT can also work off of posts, fences and a variety of other anchoring points to expand your resistance workouts. With two anchor points rather than one, diversify your repertoire of cable movements and ensure your safety in the process. And, you can take everything with you for on-the-go workouts with the convenient carry bag.

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