Lifeline Extreme Training Pack


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This extreme training pack comes with the convenient and portable Power Up Chin Up that allows you to do pull ups or chin ups anywhere.  Pull-ups and chin-ups are excellent ways to gain definition in your arms, back and core using your own body weight as resistance. The kit also includes 3 resistance cables – one 20-lbs. cable, one 30-lbs. cable and one 40-lbs. cable for creating up to 90-lbs. of total resistance. Along with the cables, a pair of ergonomically designed triple grip handles is included, which allows you to connect up to three different plugged cables at once. As a result, you can use one, two or three of the cables at the same time, dramatically changing the resistance level for each exercise. The kit comes with a heavy-duty door attachment-a nylon webbing “plug” that’s designed to be closed into a door, where it anchors the cables for a variety of exercises. And, you can take everything with you for on-the-go workouts with the convenient carry bag. Overall, this is a portable kit that is great for extreme workout programs.