Adjustable Resistance Tube- Medium – Olive


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“One size fits all”, is not something you usually hear in a gym. But no matter your fitness level or goals, the Natural Fitness Adjustable Resistance Tube is one piece of equipment that everyone can agree on. Available in light, medium, and heavy, each model is designed with patented adjustable handles to allow you to quickly and easily alter the resistance level without having to switch tubes. Not only does this mean more time working out, but it is gives you the opportunity to use each tube for multiple exercises, giving you double the burn for your buck. The adjustable, break-resistant dipped rubber tubes are built to withstand overzealous baggage handlers, overstuffed closets, and unforgiving gym lockers, making them great fit no matter where you need to get in a lift. Includes: (1) olive 30 lbs. adjustable resistance tube, (2) adjustable handles and (1) door attachment¬†

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