Dear Friends,

Diet and exercise, we all know its good for us and wee need to do it either to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The problem is… how to go about it!

I am a 49-year-old nurse who juggles a full time career, family and also tries to have a hobby or two. As women, we know how hard that is to accomplish. Now let’s add diet and exercise into that mix and what will we get… A recycle bin full of canned diet milkshakes, a cupboard full of cardboard meals that even your teenager won’t eat and an exercise program that lasts for about two-weeks. The results are often just barely adequate and short term and the cycle of frustration and guilt sets in along with throwing out that favorite pair of jeans that you just know won’t ever fit again.

One day, I stumbled upon a program involving a personal trainer, which included diet and exercise. I needed focus, direction, a diet and exercise program for my lifestyle and me.  I needed accountability, goals, and a support person who knew what I wanted and how to help me obtain these goals.

Kevin’s personal training and weight loss sounded like the answer to my problem. I have been working with Kevin for four months and have reached my initial goals and now working towards even more. I have lost my weight, I am stronger and healthier and just feel “all over good!” At times it has been hard, but through personal training I have learned that the end result is well worth the effort and continues to be so. It’s a positive lifestyle change.

I would highly recommend Kevin’s program to anyone who is struggling to become the strong healthy person we’re meant to be. So give it a try… Personal Training works and Kevin knows how to do it!

P.S.  Keep those favorite jeans!

Susan L.  – Waunakee, WI

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