“What did I have to lose…”

I had been a member of several other fitness clubs, however those memberships produced minor results. When I researched Kevin Monroe, I decided to sample his services, and I thought… what do I have to lose? Well, let me tell you:

Body weight down 30 pounds

100 point drops in cholesterol

166 point drop in Triglycerides

HDL rose 8 points while LDL dropped 68 points

.5 drop in Prostatic Antigen and Blood pressure plummeted to 102/72 with a pulse of 68.

All of this due to the exercise and diet programs designed by Kevin Monroe. His strong passion to his profession as a personal trainer convinced me to follow the exercise and dietary schedule. I observed that he practiced what he preached as he had an exercise and dietary routine.

The exercising was difficult at first, but with Kevin’s encouragement and willingness to always be available for conversation helped make the initial exercise and diet bearable.

Quickly it developed into a habit and became a part of my daily routine to exercise five days a week and follow the nutrition plan 24/7.

Thank you Kevin!


Richard F. ~ Sun Prairie, WI

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