Dear Kevin,

I so enjoyed our workouts this summer. The routines you created for me were both interesting and effective for my exercise needs as an active older adult. I experienced much less pain at the end of the summer than I have in the past; I attribute that to our sessions, which strengthened and stretched my grumpy old muscles. And, as an added bonus, those deceptively simple stomach exercises on the balance ball slimmed my torso. Given my fondness for food and wine, that was a real surprise!

I also appreciate your flexibility. On the occasions when I was feeling stressed and deflated by life’s difficulties, you adjusted the routine so that I could still do a workout. I invariably felt better both physically and emotionally after those sessions.

I am looking forward to seeing you in September and next summer. Please give my regards to Connie.

With much gratitude,

Lorelei S. – N.Y
Cancer Survivor ~

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