“Professional Training Works”

Personal Trainers have been in the Wisconsin news ever since Bret Farve, GB Quarterback showed up for camp in possibly the best shape of his life.  In addition to being in great shape, he also has a strong positive outlook on the Packer’s season!

However, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to reap such benefits from using a Personal Trainer (like Kevin Monroe). About 10 weeks ago Kevin set up a training program tailored especially for me. The goals/design were set to loose weight, firm up and improve both golfing and skiing readiness/performance. The program included aerobic exercise; high repetition weight training and sport centered stretching activities.

To date the results have been fantastic! Body weight is down 10 % with the “inches” melting away around the beltline while adding on lean muscle in the back, legs and arms. The results have translated immediately in current sport activity—golf. My drives are at least 20 yards longer and unbelievably straighter.  Also, my stamina is now outstanding. This translates into results. Take a look at the USGA handicap index results received by e-mail today. Kevin’s personal training program started in late May. Not yet reported in these results are the last three rounds at the Meadows of Six Mile Creek—a 78, 76 and a today…73—easily the best of my life! The handicap index will likely be down near 7 when those go into the calculations…. so maybe Bret Farve would like to play a round of golf?

My attitude has changed dramatically. I just can’t wait for downhill ski season—instructing/coaching at Cascade Mountain in Portage will be the most fun ever. A trip to Colorado even looks better and better—maybe even a shot at officiating at the World Cup Races at Beaver Creek!

If you see me at the club — please come over and give me some support or better yet, tell me about how Kevin has set up your program and what results YOU are achieving. The results don’t lie — Personal (Professional) Training works!

Keith K.  – Waunakee, WI

Keith K. – Waunakee, WI

Dear Kevin,

I’ve often thought I owe you another email to let you know what your notes of encouragement and online training did for me. I really have been pretty good about keeping a routine. This winter I did two spin classes a week and supplemented it with the weighs and elliptical at home. Your online training got me to lose an additional 10lbs… but more than that I really gained muscle and felt ‘fit.’ I really enjoyed how you were able to recommend a workout that I could understand with what I had available.

I highly recommend online training with Kevin Monroe, especially the 16-week transformation program! I’m amazed at how well the email instruction worked for me.


Mary – Columbus, Ohio

Mary – Columbus, Ohio

Monroerealtraining.com put together a comprehensive and well-planned program for me. One phone call to Kevin resulted in an intense and easy-to-follow program for a personal training, done at my workout center. They provided me with all the data needed from start to finish to obtain my personal goals and the results I wanted in easy ABC directions. Kevin has followed up with several calls with additional suggestions to increase the intensity and move to another level in my program. Results have been beyond my expectations. I can’t say enough about this program and the work Kevin has done for me.

Thank you

Don R. – Onalaska, WI

Don R. – Onalaska, WI

Dear Kevin,

I wish to THANK YOU so much for all you have done for me – just getting me into a regular routine of exercise is a MAJOR accomplishment – the personal training has been invaluable!  I hope to retain your services for training in the future, even after I move.

Again, Kevin, thank you SO MUCH for all you have done for me – it’s so appreciated.

Lavonne K. – Cottage Grove, WI

Lavonne K. – Cottage Grove, WI

“What did I have to lose…”

I had been a member of several other fitness clubs, however those memberships produced minor results. When I researched Kevin Monroe, I decided to sample his services, and I thought… what do I have to lose? Well, let me tell you:

Body weight down 30 pounds

100 point drops in cholesterol

166 point drop in Triglycerides

HDL rose 8 points while LDL dropped 68 points

.5 drop in Prostatic Antigen and Blood pressure plummeted to 102/72 with a pulse of 68.

All of this due to the exercise and diet programs designed by Kevin Monroe. His strong passion to his profession as a personal trainer convinced me to follow the exercise and dietary schedule. I observed that he practiced what he preached as he had an exercise and dietary routine.

The exercising was difficult at first, but with Kevin’s encouragement and willingness to always be available for conversation helped make the initial exercise and diet bearable.

Quickly it developed into a habit and became a part of my daily routine to exercise five days a week and follow the nutrition plan 24/7.

Thank you Kevin!


Richard F. ~ Sun Prairie, WI

Richard F. – Sun Prairie, WI

Dear Friends,

Diet and exercise, we all know its good for us and wee need to do it either to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The problem is… how to go about it!

I am a 49-year-old nurse who juggles a full time career, family and also tries to have a hobby or two. As women, we know how hard that is to accomplish. Now let’s add diet and exercise into that mix and what will we get… A recycle bin full of canned diet milkshakes, a cupboard full of cardboard meals that even your teenager won’t eat and an exercise program that lasts for about two-weeks. The results are often just barely adequate and short term and the cycle of frustration and guilt sets in along with throwing out that favorite pair of jeans that you just know won’t ever fit again.

One day, I stumbled upon a program involving a personal trainer, which included diet and exercise. I needed focus, direction, a diet and exercise program for my lifestyle and me.  I needed accountability, goals, and a support person who knew what I wanted and how to help me obtain these goals.

Kevin’s personal training and weight loss sounded like the answer to my problem. I have been working with Kevin for four months and have reached my initial goals and now working towards even more. I have lost my weight, I am stronger and healthier and just feel “all over good!” At times it has been hard, but through personal training I have learned that the end result is well worth the effort and continues to be so. It’s a positive lifestyle change.

I would highly recommend Kevin’s program to anyone who is struggling to become the strong healthy person we’re meant to be. So give it a try… Personal Training works and Kevin knows how to do it!

P.S.  Keep those favorite jeans!

Susan L.  – Waunakee, WI

Susan L. – Waunakee, WI

Right after surgery my upper body was stiff and my neck was sore. I looked up a personal trainer I heard about in the Madison area. He’d been in the Marine Corps, and his name was Kevin Monroe. I wanted to get some information on post rehab. Next thing you know, I’m signing-up to train with Kevin. He told me I needed to set goals. I’d always wanted to ski the American Birkenbeiner. After some personal training I was in the best shape of my life, but I didn’t have the technique for skiing. I’d only been out four times. But I did it anyway! I started running 5Ks and 10Ks. They were a whole new challenge. I won a medal or two. Then I started running longer distances, eventually Marathons and my first Ironman Wisconsin in 2004, and the Boston Marathon in 2005! Today I train people for endurance (biking, running, and Ironmans)! Thank you so much!

“Iroman Scott” Andrzejczak – MN

Dear Kevin,

I so enjoyed our workouts this summer. The routines you created for me were both interesting and effective for my exercise needs as an active older adult. I experienced much less pain at the end of the summer than I have in the past; I attribute that to our sessions, which strengthened and stretched my grumpy old muscles. And, as an added bonus, those deceptively simple stomach exercises on the balance ball slimmed my torso. Given my fondness for food and wine, that was a real surprise!

I also appreciate your flexibility. On the occasions when I was feeling stressed and deflated by life’s difficulties, you adjusted the routine so that I could still do a workout. I invariably felt better both physically and emotionally after those sessions.

I am looking forward to seeing you in September and next summer. Please give my regards to Connie.

With much gratitude,

Lorelei S. – N.Y
Cancer Survivor ~

Lorelei S. – N.Y

Kevin sat down with me for about 15-20 minutes asking me detailed questions about my personal fitness goals and about my diet.  A few days later Kevin had put together an awesome routine for me. The routine covered every area of fitness I was looking for. My person goals were to: gain overall mass, new ways/techniques of lifting, better nutrition, and better cardio. Since I have started my new workout routine from Kevin I have a new sense of motivation. I have also met all my personal goals. Not only have I met my goals, I have also avoided all types of injuries thanks to Kevin’s attention to detail. I would strongly recommend Kevin as a personal trainer for anyone.

Randy F. – Madison, WI